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Carlin Goa-Eises



Carlin is a 2nd year Bachelor of Pharmacy student (as of 2020) based in Namibia.

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Instagram: @carlin_georgia_

Favourite quote: Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’’


My school of pharmacy journey started back in 2019 and boy oh boy it has been a rollercoaster. My high school teachers used to always preach that we had to be certain what we wanted to do when you get to the 10 th grade, and yet it went in one ear and out the other. It’s crazy how you can excel in academics and have no cooking clue what to study after high school. I remember my last award ceremony, my name being called for an honouree award (awarded to a well round student, great in academics as well as active in community work) and thinking to myself, what now from here and I couldn’t answer myself. I matriculated in 2018 and at that point I had not applied for anything at all, I knew the field of study I wanted to look into, which was health sciences. The other thing I knew deep down in my heart was I didn’t want to be a doctor so that was out of the picture. My uncle then told me about pharmacy, at first, I was sceptical but then I was convinced to apply for it. Although applications were closed something just told me to apply anyways! Oh yes, my faith was tested. After 3 weeks of waiting on a response I was accepted! I was extremely thrilled.

First year was a nightmare, I wasn’t used to the tremendous work load, adjusting to that gave me anxiety it made me doubt my career choice, but I always reminded myself who opened this door for me and He wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t strong enough. It’s been a journey indeed and l’m learning to love the process. I started to understand that nothing comes easy especially this degree which totally makes sense because I will be working with people’s lives. If pharmacy was a walk in the park, majority of the people would have opted for it. The top two factors that have made me push is God and my mother, I believe you need to have someone that will be your cheerleader and motivator because you can’t do it all on your own, at all.

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