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Onyekachukwu maryann nwakoby



Onyekachukwu is a Community Pharmacist based in Nigeria.

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“ACTIONS NOT WORDS” – I grew up memorizing this idiomatic expression, it was the motto of my high school. I did not just memorize these words, but lived by them and it became my backbone which shaped me and my decision making to PROMOTE HEALTH.

Most regrettably, with the economic constraints and tough realities present in my country, Nigeria, many people have few options besides thinking about their pasts, and worrying about their future survival. These questions linger in the lips of many – “How can I afford the children’s fees?” “Do I buy my drugs or spend the money on food so we can survive tomorrow?” These questions and more have become true daily realities. The adversity takes its toll on the population’s health, thus leading them—especially the low income earners—to make poor health decisions, thereby not seeking proper medical attention and inevitably, buying cheap and fake drugs from quack patent medicine sellers/ practitioners, all in a bid to save cost. With a deep sense of concern, urgency and responsibility to promote health, I decided to become a “Pharmacist with a difference.”

Today, I am proud to have earned a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Central University, Tema, Ghana, after which I interned at Mopheth Pharmacy, focusing on pharmaceutical care, drug dispensing and Pharmacy management. And most notably, I concluded my internship with Mopheth and was recognized as the Best Intern of the Year 2018. Still on a quest to promote pharmaceutical care and health awareness – especially within rural and suburban communities in Nigeria and globally – I founded MEDGLOBE Initiative; a nonprofit health organization of well-grounded medical professionals committed to promoting health and medication adherence globally. With much success, we have reached out to over 3,500 children, teenagers and adults living in my country, particularly the underprivileged ones; providing them with good and quality health care access and health education through MEDGLOBE’s medical outreaches and collaborations with other reputable organizations. As a health promotion advocate, I have been invited to speak on national television and prestigious organizations including (Hi – impact TV, Galaxy TV and Arise news) on health related topics.

Asides from MEDGLOBE and in a bid to continuously effect positive change within my community, I am also a professional volunteer with a reputable organization – Girl Hub Africa where I won the award of the “Most Promising Girl Hub Africa Medical Volunteer”. My passion as a pharmacist with a heart for service has also led to my recent awards as the “2019 Woman of the Future” by HER NETWORK, which is an award that recognizes young women making great impact in Nigeria and the “Nigerian Volunteers Award Hall of Fame recipient 2020”. I am also the youngest board member of the Nigeria Association of Foreign trained Pharmacists (NAFtraPh), and I currently work with HealthPlus Pharmacy, Nigeria’s first Integrative Pharmacy.

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