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Hello everyone! My name is Stefan, originally Bosnian, but now based in Serbia, and I’ve acquired an MPharm Degree in February 2019. The reason why pharmacy is so fascinating, in my opinion, hides behind the fact that it represents such a sophisticated synergy where life sciences and social sciences meet – it’s a synergy of science and art. That being said, pharmacy offers a great variety of career paths to choose from and pursue. In my case, after contributing to academia and the non-profit sector, I realized that a career in the pharmaceutical industry attracts me since I can leverage my creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and project management skills the most. Nevertheless, one of the best things I’ve learned since graduating is actually from @adamgrant, who said that: “The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed.

Jelena Branković



Jelena is an incoming 3rd year Pharmacy student(as of 2020) based in Serbia.

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Instagram: @jelenasciencestories

Facebook: Jelena Branković

Email: jelenabrankovic21@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Jelena Brankovic

Favourite quote: “You don’t need to be a big, loud voice; just have confidence in your own ability and growth will come from that.”


It all started back in 2015 when I was an exchange student in USA, or so I thought.

I remember going through lots of tests in order to get a scholarship and spend a whole year abroad, experiencing new culture and educational system. The first question I was asked upon enrolling high school was “What do you want to be?”. Being only 15 at the time, I didn’t have the exact answer. I wasn’t sure which career path I wanted to pursue, much less if I would be good enough for it. However, in that moment, I was once again reminded of the idea of helping people through medical field that followed me ever since my early childhood days.

Since my aunt is a pharmacist herself and I was born in a small town in eastern Serbia, I was fortunate enough to be allowed into the local pharmacy. There, I was allowed to shadow other pharmacists and see what was being done. They took time to show me different parts of the pharmacy they worked in, explaining very simply what various medications did to the person’s body. Immediately, I feel in love with everything; from the pharmacists’ kindness and knowledge to the way certain drugs and formulations were made.

This memory always floated in the back of my mind, but had truly resurfaced upon my exchange year.

Being on my own for an entire year, I truly got to know myself. I remember being tested and challenged, learning new things and experiencing first failures. I became more independent and learned to make decisions on my own. I volunteered and worked alongside some of the most amazing people who taught me how to be grateful for each and every opportunity that I got.

However, one of the most memorable experiences for me was joining STEM club. Alongside my new American friends, I got to organize many projects that dealt with global health. I participated in organizing a blood drive for our school, as well as teaching kids about the basics of medicine and first aid. Oh, and when I got to wear a white coat – what a feeling!

Although I was only a sophomore at the time, I knew it – I wanted to be a pharmacist. It was a perfect career that encompassed all the things that interested me. A pharmacist was not only a health care professional, but also a person that could become a hero to people because he or she was capable of saving a life with their knowledge. For me, pharmacy was a perfect discipline that embodied both science and creativity; it allowed me to grow every day and learn how to solve different problems.

Now, I am entering my third year of pharmacy school and I couldn’t be prouder. Pharmacy had allowed me to connect with many people on a global level and the doors it opens are endless!

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